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Founder & CEO

Master Permanent Makeup Artist

- Specialising in Eyebrows

Beauty Treatments

Makeup Artist

Lilly has been in the permanent makeup industry for over 7 years. Starting her own business in 2017 and growing so fast that her and her partner expanded into what is now Lilly Christine Salon. We bring you the best artists locally and we have clients travel from all over Auckland and the wider areas.

Lilly specialises in Eyebrows as well as PMU training and business coaching.

She has high attention to detail and wants the best for you during your journey through permanent makeup. 

Lilly is on Maternity Leave until January 2024



MASTER Permanent Makeup Artist

- Microblading, Powder Brows, Combo Brows

-Lip Blush

-Lip Neutralisation


Aria has been in the beauty industry since 2019. 

She has extensive knowledge when it comes to permanent makeup and is always ups killing with trainers to improve her craft.

She has worked both here in New Zealand & overseas in Korea to expand her knowledge and learn new techniques.

Arias passion is creating beautiful soft brows and proving people that permanent makeup is really natural when done right. She pays high attention to every detail in brows, lips and liner and treats every client with kindness.

Aria also loves to enhance womans lips with her Lip Blush technniques learnt overseas. She caters every appointment to her clients and they all walk away saying they wish they did it sooner!



MASTER Permanent Makeup Artist

- Microblading 

-Lip Blush

-Lip Neutralisation


Larisa has been in the beauty industry since 08. 

She has extensive knowledge as a skin therapist to bring you great healed results for your specific skin type.

She has worked both here in New Zealand & overseas to expand her knowledge bring it back home.

Larisa is a master artist & has been specialising her craft in cosmetic tattooing for over 6 years, creating natural timeless lips, nano baby lash liner & feather touch brows. 

Her passion is creating hyper realistic brows through microblading!

You can also find her doing a beautiful set of lips through borderless lip blush style, lip line and blush & lip Neutralising. With her extensive knowledge in colour theory she can whip up just about any custom shade you prefer.


Powder Brow Artist

Beauty Treatment Advanced Artist 

Laser Tattoo Removal Technician 

Brow Shaping

Brow & Lash Tinting

Brow Lamination 

Hyrbrid Brows 

Lash Lifting

Rebekah has been performing advanced beauty treatments for over 8 years. 

Her passion for brows and lashes is unmatched and she thrives when creating the most beautiful experience for her clients. She pays high attention to the small details and is a perfectionist when it comes to your chosen treatment. Rebekah is bubbly, kind and treats her clients with so much love and compassion.

She enjoys meeting new faces in the salon and getting to know her clients!

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