• Lilly Stewart

Consultation process for getting your eyebrows Microbladed

Getting permanent makeup can be a little scary. Its something you need to think about before going ahead and booking an appointment. After all, it is a tattoo on your face.

Finding the right artist for you is vital! Browsing through an Artists website or instagram page and looking through their work to see if you like their personal style is important. Every artist has their own personal touch when it comes to Microblading and permanent makeup. Some artists focus on bold, dark brows that look similar to wearing makeup, and some artists like to focus more on natural hair like strokes, enhancing your natural brows as much as possible.

When booking in at LC Brows and Beauty we usually do a quick consultation over email before your appointment. This is to make sure that you are not taking any medications that can be a contraindication to having permanent makeup done and to advise you on how to prepare for your appointment. This is important as everything you do leading up to your appointment matters, and can have an effect on the procedure or healing stages. Such as not to tint your brows before hand, drink alcohol or coffee, or take any blood thinners and so on.

When arriving at your appointment we will have you fill out the consent forms and go through everything with you explaining the process from start to finish, and the outcomes you will experience with permanent makeup. It is important that you read through everything carefully on this consent form before signing it, asking your artist if you have any further questions before going ahead. Once we have checked the forms we go ahead and pop some numbing cream on for 20-30 minutes, following by mapping your brows to your desired shape. We will check the shape together and make any tweaks necessary to achieve your desired shape. Don't worry if your not sure about what shape you want as your artist will usually start with mapping a shape that will suit your bone structure, current brows, and suit your face shape. Once we have the all ok from you, we will get you to sign that you approve of your shape, and start with the process!! Making sure we update you as we go checking your ok or have any discomfort and numbing you throughout the process to ensure there is minimal pain.

We also do free 30 minutes consultations if you are still unsure and prefer to come in and talk face to face about your concern.

If you have any more questions about the consultation process or any other parts of getting your eyebrows done, please don't hesitate to contact me via text or email.

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