• Lilly Stewart

Threading, Waxing or Plucking? Which is best for you?

Threading, waxing and plucking are different hair removal techniques. All of them are used to shape your eyebrows so that you get the best out of them.

Let’s have a deeper look at what all these three techniques are all about and what is the major difference between them and finally we will arrive at the conclusion of which is the best hair removal technique.

Plucking : Pros

Plucking involves minimal tools. It is easy and time saving. It is economical too. You can create the best shape for your eyebrows using plucking technique only.

Plucking : Cons

Over plucking is very common with tweezers since you are very close and you won’t be able to get the fuller picture and see close ups of your brow hairs.

Waxing : Pros

Waxing is extremely effective for thick coarse hair because it involves largest time period to re-grow your hair.

Waxing : Cons

Waxing is not good for sensitive skin types. Waxing normally leaves behind a gap if anything goes wrong and will take a lot of time to grow back, or not grow back at all.

Threading : Pros

It adds definition to your brow shape. This is the perfect technique to add arch to your brows.

Threading : Cons

This can cause irritation to your skin. Some technicians may thread your brows to thin.

So whats the final outcome?

When you compare waxing, threading and plucking they all have different pros and cons. Personally I like to use waxing and plucking with tweezers to achieve the best results with my clients brows making sure to keep their brows as thick as possible without taking to much of the hairs away. This is easily achieved by waxing around the brow, and plucking closer to the brow.

You only need an expert hand to get your best eyebrow look.

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