• Lilly Stewart

From Makeup Artist to Cosmetic Tattooing... my journey to where I am now...

Almost 8 years ago I decided to leave my part time job at the gym and take part in a 5 month Makeup Course at the Makeup School. I was a model for my cousin one year prior and absolutely loved everything they were learning in the course, from wedding makeup, editorial makeup, special effects, to body painting and hair styling, everything about the industry and I was amazed! I had always had a fascination with makeup and was undoubtedly always the chosen friend in high school to do my friends makeup. 5 months full time learning all the techniques and tricks of the trade from some highly sought after makeup artists, special effects artists and even some well known world wide female body painters! I loved it all! But my favourite thing about makeup was to make people feel beautiful in their own skin. To enhance peoples natural selves through makeup. After being at the makeup school I applied for countless jobs at makeup counters MAC, Bobbi Brown, Smith and Caugheys. It wasnt easy starting out in the industry and being a newbie. After months of countless interviews and getting nothing back because I had no experience I got a offer to work with a company doing the races at Ellerslie. After working for the company I realised I preferred freelancing over working at a counter, which is what everyone strives to do after going to Makeup School.

I got a lot of work through Beauty on Demand, one of the most popular mobile Hair and Makeup teams in Auckland and New Zealand. After 8 years of working for them and getting countless jobs on weddings, travelling all over New Zealand and some amazing opportunities such as working for TV shows like Project Runway and Married at First Sight NZ, I still have a growing passion and love for the beauty industry and Makeup. One thing I loved about makeup was eyebrows. I got called the brow queen and fell in love with creating peoples brows for them with makeup and seeing the look on peoples faces having their brows professionally done for them was priceless!

After I got my eyebrows Microbladed I decided I wanted to do the course myself to be able to create the brows people have always longed for. Since I had a passion for the art already I had no doubt this would be something I could be great at with time and practice. Taking the course with Phi Academy one of the biggest PMU companies in the world, was the best thing I ever invested my time and money in. Dont get me wrong it wasnt easy. It was a challenge I have never experienced before, the pressure I put on myself and the countless hours of practice every single night to pass all my levels on my course sometimes took its toll. It was an emotional journey but also a rewarding one after finally passing my course to be a permanent makeup artist I realised why I took on the challenge on and I knew this was something I was meant to be doing. Being able to help women to enhance their natural beauty, make them feel good about themselves, save them time in the mornings and make them feel confidence that they once didnt feel before is the best reward from this career. I am constantly expanding my knowledge in the PMU field and I cant wait to learn more and be able to change more womens lives with this amazing art!!

I am now working out of the beauty boutique one stop place for all your beauty needs Wreath Beauty Co. in Silverdale.

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