• Lilly Stewart

2 Important things to look for when choosing an Artist

So how do you find your ideal Artist when the market is saturated and there are so many to choose from?

1. The most important thing when trying to find the right artist is that they have taken the right education training for Permanent Makeup. These days you can do almost anything from watching tutorials online to google searching, but with a permanent makeup course the skills need to be taught by a professional tutor with the recognised qualifications. I trained with Phi Academy an extensive 6 month training where I practiced daily to pass all my exams and coming away with a recognised certificate and a logo to place on my work so my clients are assured that I have the training and knowledge required to carry out all treatments.

2. Look at the artists work. Do you like bold brows? Natural brows? Thin brows? Do you like the artists personal style? Every artist has their own personal style when it comes to brows and the techniques they use. Look at their portfolio to see if you like the work they are producing.

Take your time when choosing an artist thats right for you. Look at their portfolios, their practice, social media sights and their client feedback to make sure you are 100% comfortable with your artist before booking your appointment.

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