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What is Saline Tattoo Lightening?

Saline tattoo lightening is a method of removing pigment from skin using a simple saline solution rather than lasers. A machine is used to deposit the saline solution into the skin. This solution binds to the pigments, breaks them down and draws them out of the skin. Several sessions may be needed depending on the size of the tattoo and amount of pigment being removed. Pain and down-time are significantly less in comparison to laser tattoo removal. Cosmetic as well as “regular” tattoos may be treated with this removal method. 

Saline lightening is effective on all types of tattoos, regardless of age, colour and location. Sessions required depends on how much pigment is in the skin and your desired outcome. 

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Saline lightening does not permanently damage the tissue

For your health and safety there are specific rules for eligibility. (EG If you take certain medications, use certain skincare, have had scarring issues in the past etc)

Does it hurt?

Effective, topical anesthetic is used for numbing before the procedure. Pain threshold levels vary from person to person and some individuals may even have a resistance to anesthetics making them not as effective. Every effort is made to ensure you remain as comfortable as possible for the entire process. Takes anywhere from 45mins - 1hr. 

The saline method is a lot less painful in comparison to laser removal which can cause blistering or potential scar formation. Saline removal does not permanently damage the tissue like lasers do.

During and immediately after the procedure you may see a small amount of bleeding, this is normal and necessary for creating the “controlled scab.” For the first 24 hrs the skin may appear bright red and gradually begin to scab. During days 2-4 a scab will be present and eventually fall off naturally. The scabbing process is highly important and will contain the pigment that has surfaced from the procedure.

IT IS A PROCESS and most cases you will need a few sessions. 


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